Site Updates

I did some cleaning up on jonikahara.com and removed useless stuff. Now there's only the blog page and the contact info page. The blog part shows the latest post in full. A list of earlier posts can be revealed by pressing the "Archive" button below that. In the archive listing, a given post can be revealed by clicking its title; post content will be loaded inline with a little help from jQuery $.ajax(). Check out the script if you're into that kind of stuff. (Note: there was a bug in jQuery 1.3.2 that made IE fail when using the :contains() selector – a patch was necessary.)

I also changed my DOCTYPE to HTML5.

And because I got a Typekit invitation (page me if you want one) and as their introductory price of $24.99 per year for personal use seemed quite reasonable I decided to check it out. The thing worked like a charm, at least after I had sorted out some funky bits in my CSS. I'm using Coolvetica (Larabie) in the "JONIKAHARA.COM" part at the top, DDT (Typodermic) in post titles and Legendum (Rogier van Dalen) for the rest. Typekit requires @font-face to work, so you won't be seeing these fancy fonts if your browser does not support it.