One more thermal

Here the camera is staring at a window, operator standing to it's left. On top two reflections from fluorescent lamps. Heat waves seems to reflect in a manner similar to visible light. This is all kinda weird..

Thermal image

Few more thermal images

In front is a table. Behind it, a radiator (glowing white slate with two pipes connected to it in the left). Top part (black) is a glass window - it's daytime, but you can't see thru it.

Interesting stuff, to some

Some misc equipment. A few (cathode ray tube) video monitors, on top of them some analog video cameras. Rightmost is an old Toshiba laptop.

Interesting stuff, to some pt. 2


Thermographic imaging

It's me, holding a lighter, "seen" thru the germanium lens of a thermal camera. Red cross marks the hot spot. Kind of looks like Boaz the Cydberg Assassin :)

Thermographic image