Chocolate halva

The end product is now cooling/recrystallising/solidifying in the fridge; remains to be seens what becomes of it. At least the amount of chocolate should be more than adequate..

The measurements are as follows because of package sizes :) (I ate four pieces of the Lindt!)

  • 300 g tahini
  • 200 g honey + ca. 50 g white sugar
  • 160 g Lindt 85% chocolate

Honey and sugar were heated in a pot, along with a little splash of water, until boiling and getting a darker appearance. Simultaneously, the chocolate was melted on low heat (water simmering, not boiling) in a bain-marie, stirring occasionally. When all of chocolate had melted, the tahini was added and stirred well. Finally, honey and sugar were added to bain-marie and everything was stirred, again, well. While hot, everything was put to fridge in tight containers. Now wait something like 24+ h.

Note: what may have gone wrong here is that the honey was not syrupy enough which may cause the texture to be not quite halva-like. Or something. Wait and see..

Update: Way too much chocolate (try, say, half amount next time) & texture not like halva. Wife suggests that this could go well with ice cream. In next batch replace all honey with plain sugar and make a proper syrup, or something.